Many agents like to pretend it doesn’t exist. But it does. I know it does. And you [should] know too, that it does. What am I talking about?


But how/where it stems from– that’s what seems to be seldom mentioned.

Who knows? Maybe you’ve experience your own real estate agent horror story. Maybe you know all this, all too well…

Please do not get me wrong, I am not suggesting for a moment that all real estate agents are bad people, unethical, or even guilty of violating rules/laws – but some are. I’ve personally witnessed it.

As a real estate professional myself, I am well qualified to speak to this. In part, that’s what this publication does; brings awareness to the ways buyers and sellers in our community can be taken advantage of and victimized in a real estate transaction while shedding light on the reality of an industry that, in one way or another, affects the way we call the Gunnison Country Home.

Nobody deserves to be put through the financial or emotional ringer of a horror story with a real estate agent. In The High Country Crux, published each month, we look at and discuss how you can protect yourself and your real estate investment from potentially devastating effects of greed, desperation and incompetence in the ever changing market.

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It’s been an enlightening venture thus far in the real estate world. I’ve had some great people by my side who I appreciate. I’ve also learned much about myself, my convictions, and my purpose.

But honestly, it was disappointing to eventually learn that the general rhetoric in the real estate industry promotes little to do with mastering the craft, and everything to do with self- promotion, superficial interactions, and the numbers game— more advertising, more prospecting, more leads, more sales, more commissions. Not to create superior results for more people—but to stay in front of more—to make more money. Who’s experience does this jeopardize? Yours—the client.

That doesn’t sit right with me.

The formula then became clear; low barrier of entry + potentially lucrative(commission based) business = greed. And it’s amazing how it can deceive otherwise good people into doing some desperate things. Of course, not all agents fall into that realm, but it’s the sales culture-esque behavior that then gets painted across the industry, pigeon-holing us who are different into the same reputation.

Rather than say “I’m out”, I saw this as an opportunity to do something about it. To pull back the curtain. My purpose? To enhance perspectives and empower perceptions that ultimately, enrich lives.

Let’s not be blind to the numbers game any longer.

This publication is just one testament to that mission.

So, are you with me?